Just a nought, a cipher, that’s all I am!

The Flutter

Published by Sanket Rathod under , , on Sunday, November 09, 2008

Your hands are steady, your fingers calm.
Your lips aren't curved, in a smile or a frown.

Your heart is not beating fast or aloud.
Yes, sitting this close, I sure can make out.

But your eyes foretell me anyway,
The flutter on their lashes gives you away.

So, are you framing a very difficult question
Or an answer - perfect - to your expectations?

The River and The Boat

Published by Sanket Rathod under , , on Sunday, November 02, 2008

My love is that of the blatant boat
Seeking pleasure in making the water quiver
Your love is that of the silent river
Embracing the boat, just letting it float



ci•pher (also cy•pher) /ˈsī-fər/ noun
1 a secret way of writing, especially one in which a set of letters or symbols is used to represent others 
2 a code: a message in cipher 
3 (formal, disapproving) a person or thing of no importance. 
4 (BrE) the first letters of sb’s name combined in a design and used to mark things.
— Middle English cifre, from Old French, from Medieval Latin cifra, from Arabic ṣifr, from ṣafira, to be empty, translation of Sanskrit śūnyam.

I am...

I am...
...who I am.



Keep de-cIpher-ing

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