Just a nought, a cipher, that’s all I am!


Published by Sanket Rathod under , , , , , , on Thursday, August 18, 2011

I've been down many roads,
Called a lot of places home.
Made more than a few friends
Intending to forget none.

Words may live forever,
Ink has a life of it's own.
My letters have lost all meaning,
The messenger goes on and on.

My clock keeps on ticking,
Night gives way to dawn.
The old unwilling to wither
Wishing to see the new born.


Usha Pisharody said... @ 23 December 2011 at 03:56

At the fag end of another year, it seems apt to be reading this :) The irony of existence is here. Wanting the familiar to always be new :) :)

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ci•pher (also cy•pher) /ˈsī-fər/ noun
1 a secret way of writing, especially one in which a set of letters or symbols is used to represent others 
2 a code: a message in cipher 
3 (formal, disapproving) a person or thing of no importance. 
4 (BrE) the first letters of sb’s name combined in a design and used to mark things.
— Middle English cifre, from Old French, from Medieval Latin cifra, from Arabic ṣifr, from ṣafira, to be empty, translation of Sanskrit śūnyam.

I am...

I am...
...who I am.



Keep de-cIpher-ing

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