Just a nought, a cipher, that’s all I am!


Published by Sanket Rathod under , on Monday, January 05, 2009

He lives in a crimson-turquoise world

In a turquoise house with crimson doors
On Crimson Street in Turquoise Grove
Under a turquoise sky with a crimson sun
By a turquoise river with a crimson bank

Turquoise periwinkles and crimson daises
Grow inside a crimson-turquoise fence
Crimson birds with turquoise beaks
Play at the crimson-turquoise fountain

Sitting in a turquoise chair on a crimson deck
Wearing a turquoise shirt with crimson collars
Sipping crimson tea from a turquoise mug
He reads a turquoise book with a crimson cover

Through turquoise curtains to the crimson deck
Peeks a face with sleepy disheveled crimson hair
And a hand adorned with turquoise pearls
She blows him a crimson-turquoise kiss

They live in a crimson-turquoise world


nan said... @ 6 January 2009 at 22:20

it was very sweet :D hehe brought a smile :)

Sanket Rathod said... @ 7 January 2009 at 18:33


Usha Pisharody said... @ 8 January 2009 at 13:17

Do visit here to pick up a something I have for you :)

Coming back to read this later :)

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ci•pher (also cy•pher) /ˈsī-fər/ noun
1 a secret way of writing, especially one in which a set of letters or symbols is used to represent others 
2 a code: a message in cipher 
3 (formal, disapproving) a person or thing of no importance. 
4 (BrE) the first letters of sb’s name combined in a design and used to mark things.
— Middle English cifre, from Old French, from Medieval Latin cifra, from Arabic ṣifr, from ṣafira, to be empty, translation of Sanskrit śūnyam.

I am...

I am...
...who I am.



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