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Midnight Madness

Published by Sanket Rathod under , , on Friday, April 03, 2009

Go on........
Laugh at me.
Because at one past midnight 
I'm suddenly missing you.
I'll stay up
Thinking its really you
The photo I'm looking at 
And at it I'll look all night.
Then what?
When the night ends?
The photo I'll hide somewhere 
And you, for a while, I'll forget.
Go on.........
Laugh at me.
Because at two past midnight 
I'm wishing this night never ends.

Another digup!


nan said... @ 3 April 2009 at 15:58

Ha ha the title says it all ;)
Enjoy the madness :P
BTW i did manage wid my blushes :D the collector was a regular one and was able to identify me :D :D

Sanket Rathod said... @ 6 April 2009 at 00:35


Winnie the poohi said... @ 6 April 2009 at 03:20

this is beautiful :)

Sanket Rathod said... @ 6 April 2009 at 03:25

really? :D thank you!

Winnie the poohi said... @ 14 April 2009 at 07:40

P.S: This layout is amazing! Where did you get it from? Made it yourself?

Sanket Rathod said... @ 14 April 2009 at 08:52

yeah! this is the mixture of life-long dreams and really bad Photoshop! :P

rahul aggarwal said... @ 14 July 2009 at 21:43

2 good...did u write that...

Sanket Rathod said... @ 14 July 2009 at 23:47

thanks rahul. and yeah, I sure did!

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4 (BrE) the first letters of sb’s name combined in a design and used to mark things.
— Middle English cifre, from Old French, from Medieval Latin cifra, from Arabic ṣifr, from ṣafira, to be empty, translation of Sanskrit śūnyam.

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